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Trenbolon 200 Bodypharm

1 vial (200mg/ml 10 ml)
Trenbolon 200 - BodyPharm

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R****e Wi*****on
As advertised. Awesome product!
Du****in E***s
Due to the price I have not ordered as much Tren 200 as aspected but two of my buddies have tried the longer acting 200 Tren and there strength gains were out of the roof. I put one who has not done gear or worked out hard in probably 5 years and on some bodypharm test and Tren 200, Within the 8 week of his cycle hes is benching twice his weight and vascular as can be. He went from weighing 147 to over 200 pounds solid rocking benching 425. Unreal to have been in the gym for years. The only problem I have with this tren 200 is the price. You go over the $100 price range my clientelle drops due to price.