Cutting cycle

   Cutting Cycle

   Most of bodybuilders and athletes in the summer time or for competitions needs a cutting cycle. We have made some research and managed to find a very good combination for a cutting cycle.

   For this cycle, we will use 4 products: Test P, Tren A, Masteron and Tamox.

   Testosterone Propionate - in the cutting phase of training a lot of bodybuilders like to add Testosterone Propionate to the cycle. It gives less water and fat retention in the body.

   Trenbolone Acetate - it's very good for a rapid buildup of strength and muscle mass. Tren A is a strong anabolic drug, is often compared to Testosterone or Danabol, but Tren does not convert to estrogen.

   Masteron - is very useful in the cutting phase and is used most of all to improve the look of muscle density and hardness. Masteron works very well when the percentage of body fat is low.

   Tamoxifen Citrate (Tamox) - it is used by bodybuilders for PCT to prevent side effects of anabolic steroids and androgens. Tamoxifen is also used to prevent the accumulation of water and fat, which leads to the disappearance of muscle definition, these effects appear from the use of easily flavored steroids. In the liver tamoxifen acts like estrogen, raise good cholesterol and decrease the bad one.

Week Test P Tren A Masteron Tamox
1 100mg/M,W,F 100mg/Th,Su 100mg/T,S
2 100mg/M,W,F 100mg/Th,Su 100mg/T,S
3 100mg/M,W,F 100mg/Th,Su 100mg/T,S
4 100mg/M,W,F 100mg/Th,Su 100mg/T,S
5 100mg/M,W,F 100mg/Th,Su 100mg/T,S
6 100mg/M,W,F 100mg/T,S
7 100mg/M,W,F
8 100mg/M,W,F
11 20mg per day
12 20mg per day
13 20mg per day
ED – every day, M – Monday, T – Tuesday, W – Wednesday
Th – Thursday, F – Friday, S – Saturday, Su – Sunday